MLQ Network
Millionique Network
Bringing all DEFI features into one unique Ecosystem.
Millionique is a decentralized finance network based on the Binance Smart Chain that integrates all of the major DeFi use-cases into a single ecosystem. In a nutshell, this is an all-in-one DeFi platform!
We think that the benefits of DeFi should be available to the general public in a secure and intuitive manner, without the high costs, complicated interfaces, or centralized decision-making that many present systems have.
So, with these objectives in mind, we created a Network and a Token – MLQ– as well as some unique features like MLQSwap (AMM), MLQ Launchpad (new project presales), MLQ Locker (liquidity locks for new or established projects), MLQ Farms (staking and farming) and many more wonderful services. We think that these offerings will increase our users' trust and wealth accumulation.
In addition, we believe in open and decentralized governance. Millionique must belong to its community. That’s why MLQ token holders will be able to vote on and decide all aspects of the protocol’s future development path.
Come join the movement and help us advance DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain!
Last modified 7mo ago
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